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Ball Valve

Ball valve is a type of valve that is used to control the flow of fluids. 


The working principle of the ball valve is to rely on a ball as the opening and closing parts, and there are one or more holes on the ball, and the flow direction of the hole and the pipeline is controlled by rotating the ball, so as to realize the control and regulation of the fluid. The main characteristics of ball valve are simple structure, good sealing performance, easy operation, small size, light weight, and good flow regulation function. They are widely used in petroleum, chemical, natural gas, water treatment and other fields to cut off, distribute and change the flow direction of the medium. Ball valves are available in pneumatic, electric and manual actuation options, which can be selected according to different application needs. Learn more from HuiYi ball valve manufacturer.

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What is the 1000 WOG ball valve? The type of ball valve 1000wog includes 1pc ball valve, 2pc ball valve and 3pc ball valve. 1pc female thread ball vlave is a kind of valve which the opening and closing parts(ball) are driven by the valve stem , and around the ball valve axis for rotating movement of the valve , the working pressure is 1000 WOG, the valve body is consist of 1 part. And the same as 2pc , 3pc ball valve .
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